• Graphic Design

    Graphics represent the visual experience you provide for your website visitors and your external customers. The websites we build all have a graphic component to them and we use graphic mediums to subtly influence site visitors.

  • It's fair to say that we do a lot of graphic work at Webpedal. Using state of the art software we either start from scratch or modify your existing photos and illustrations to represent your brand. Graphics are typically designed to represent a theme across the site, give the website a specific look or feel or provide cues for visitors to act upon.

  • How We Use Graphics

    Regardless of how a graphic is used we'll use plenty of them and strategically place white space throughout the site to avoid a busy, cramped look and feel. Interactive graphics for user navigation (menus, external links, etc.) and icons that present common activities (like, social network links, download, play, pause, etc.) are all available.

  • Whether you require a graphic designer to create specific compositions as a supplement to your work or as a core element to your website we're here to help.

  • Webpedal would be glad to discuss your project requirements and provide you with a comprehensive graphics package to compliment your business initiatives.

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  • Consider the following list of business related graphics:

    • Websites
    • Image processing
    • Advertisements
    • Business cards
    • Typography
    • Iconography
    • Logos and branding
    • Packaging