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    As Google states: "Google Analytics is the enterprise-class web analytics solution that gives you rich insights into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness."

  • We couldn't have said it better if we'd written it ourselves. Webpedal would be glad to set up your website so that you can capture visitor-traffic information. It's an amazing thing to see a new website go live and watch the traffic count grow.

  • Our Thoughts on Analytics recommends an analytics component for every website no matter what its size or intent. Webpedal will enable your site to produce these useful pieces of information and guide you through the basic components of the tool. Once you're comfortable with the basics you can decide exactly how far you'd like to go in understanding your website from a statistical point of view.

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  • Want to know more about the analytics component of your website? Here's a brief list of insights you can expect:

    • How the visitor found your website – by search, by entering your domain name or through a referring site
    • The total number of visits over a period of time
    • Mobile phone or tablet device visitor information
    • Maps showing where your visitors are based throughout the world
    • Unique, first time visitors and returning visitors
    • The number of website pages viewed by your visitors
    • The total time spent visiting the website
    • How a visitor navigated within your website
  • As a website owner understanding how visitors interact with your website equates to priceless business information. Having in-depth visitor data will provide you with the tools you need to make adjustments to your site and increase the quality of the user experience.