Search Engine Optimization

  • SEO – What Is It?

    SEO is a series of techniques and modifications to a website that make the site look attractive to a search engine crawler or spider (see below). A website can and should be tuned, or optimized, so that a search-engine-crawler understands how the site is structured and what the nature of the website content is.

  • For example, if you sell horse riding gear the keyword ‘saddle’ would be critically import but the keyword ‘hoof’ would probably not be important. The crawler needs to be told which words are important even though saddles and a hoof both relate to horses. You sell and make a profit with saddles, a hoof is critically important but only to the horse and he’s not trying to make a sale.

  • What is a Search Engine Crawler or Spider?

    A crawler or spider is a program that visits billions of websites (it crawls-all-over them) to understand the nature of the content within a website. It stores this information (or ‘indexes’ the information) about the website and presents its findings to a person searching the web using certain keywords. Keywords are words that are key in terms of their importance to the search being performed.

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  • Short list of optimization-related terms:

    • Optimize or Optimization – Tune a website to display in a browser search result - preferably on the first results page
    • Keywords – Words on your website that are key, or important, when compared to other words on your website
    • Back Linking – Websites that contain links back to your website
    • Google Analytics – A free program that runs on your website and provides data showing how visitors use your website
    • Copy – The written words on your website
    • Content – All of the elements on your website including copy, photos, downloads, discussion forums, freebies, sellable items, and so on
    • URL – Universal Resource Locator, a URL has a number of components that include your domain name and additional information relating to specific pages on your website